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kids table

(for customers 13 yrs and under)
*Kids eat free on sundays*

kids kebab

choice protein (for halal add $1) w/ lettuce, tomatoes, tzatziki sauce in 4″ pita bread + side of fries or saffron rice

kids chicken strips

delicious halal chicken tenders + side of fries or saffron rice


natural nitrate-free turkey or beef hotdog frank in 4″ pita bread + side of fries or saffron rice

little eats

humus & pita

large scoop of homemade humus, olive oil, zatar spices, paprika, olives, cucumbers + pita bread (available in a wrap or in a bowl)


crispy french fries w/ zatar spices, feta cheese, spicy red sauce, crushed red pepper (add tzatziki to mild’em up)

zucchini fries

gluten-free handout zucchini served w/ roasted red pepper aioli sauce, topped w/ parmesan cheese + lime wedge

baklava (dessert)

handmade pastry made w/ flaky layers of ground walnuts, pistachio & central texas honey

falafel shot

one crispy falafel ball w/ a dollop of tzatziki & spicy red sauces

side turk salad

the little bro of our turk salad – spring mix lettuce w/ humus, carrots tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, olives, red cabbage, tzatziki sauce, spicy red sauce

The Kebabalicious Story

Kebabalicious continues to “bring it” to this day, meaning that they work hard to remain respected
for their fresh taste and inspired sauces, while keeping their menu simple. Kebabalicious maintains
this by using top-quality organic produce and ingredients and creating their own sauces and marinades
from scratch. This is how they “bring it.”

The Kebabalicious Story

Kristian and Chris finished college in San Marcos while perfecting their recipes, moved back to Austin and
launched their first trailer in October of 2006. Working with Mark, they painted that li’l beast blue and
parked it in the heart of Austin’s downtown music district off of 7th and Trinity. Kebabalicious has thrived,
grown, and has been recognized and awarded for their absurdly delicious food by everyone from The Austin Chronicle to Rare Magazine, and most importantly, that intoxicated guy who’s “sooo f***in’ hungry, man.”

The Kebabalicious Story

“Ah ha! Let’s bring this back to Texas,” they said. No one was around, so they said it louder.

“I’m from Texas, plus I like kebabs!” said Mark, a fellow snowboarder who was just in earshot.

“Sweet,” they all agreed, and the three buddies/pals (friends) moved back to Texas…with a plan (and smuggled spices and recipes).

The Kebabalicious Story

Through this immersion into Swiss culture, Kristian and Chris, the two pals (or buddies) found that these Europeans were fond of a certain type of street vendor food called Doner Kebabs. Being silly silly Americans, they initially assumed that these vendors were selling nothing more than Shish-Kabobs. To their surprise, the delicious smell of flame-kissed beef, lamb, and chicken, was coming from large cones of meat, rotating on a vertical broiler. The meat would be shaved off with huge knives and laid onto a bed of fresh vegetables, tzatziki and spicy sauces, and then all wrapped up in warm flat-bread.

The Kebabalicious Story

It starts in the era of Y2K, just before all the computers on Earth crashed, sending us into The Bohhh-ring Age. Two best buddies (or pals) from Texas took a brief hiatus from college and boarded a 777 to Zurich, Switzerland. They were on a mission to give aid to the Swiss Alps, whose mountains were too powdery and desperately needed to be snowboarded upon. While this was no modest task, the pair still managed to find time to spend with the beautiful Swiss female natives, and to partake in awkward social rituals like “Party Time.”


For catering without trailer contact Meagan:
austinkebab (at) gmail (dot) com

For events catering with trailer contact Kamishia:
kebabevents (at) gmail (dot) com

things & stuff

kabaam sauce

spicy avocado roasted poblano & jalapeño cream sauce

tzatziki sauce

mild cucumber & garlic yogurt sauce

spicy red sauce

our fiery signature sauce


traditional sesame seed + garlic lemon sauce


classic and jalapeño, ask about seasonal flavors


organic red quinoa, lemon, mint, cucumber, onions, tomatoes


roasted eggplant clip w/ tahini, lemon, garlic

extra flat bread

8″ flat-bread made fresh by our friends at phoenicia bakery

add skirt steak

6oz. of halal-blessed skirt steak

add beef & lamb

our flavorful 80% beef + 20% lamb mix

add grass-fed lamb

5oz. of 100% grass-fed texas lamb

add chicken

5oz. of 100% natural texas thingh meat

add halal chicken

5oz. of char-grilled halal-blessed chicken

add falafel ball

add saffron rice

a large scoop of our saffron-infused jasmine rice

feta cheese

available as crumbled-feta or feisty-feta

fries inside kebab

a sprinkle of crispy french fries on your kebab