little eats

humus & pita

large scoop of homemade humus, olive oil, zatar spices, paprika, olives, cucumbers + pita bread (available in a wrap or in a bowl)


crispy french fries w/ zatar spices, feta cheese, spicy red sauce, crushed red pepper (add tzatziki to mild’em up)

zucchini fries

gluten-free handout zucchini served w/ roasted red pepper aioli sauce, topped w/ parmesan cheese + lime wedge

baklava (dessert)

handmade pastry made w/ flaky layers of ground walnuts, pistachio & central texas honey

falafel shot

one crispy falafel ball w/ a dollop of tzatziki & spicy red sauces

side turk salad

the little bro of our turk salad – spring mix lettuce w/ humus, carrots tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, olives, red cabbage, tzatziki sauce, spicy red sauce