things & stuff

kabaam sauce

spicy avocado roasted poblano & jalapeño cream sauce

tzatziki sauce

mild cucumber & garlic yogurt sauce

spicy red sauce

our fiery signature sauce


traditional sesame seed + garlic lemon sauce


classic and jalapeño, ask about seasonal flavors


organic red quinoa, lemon, mint, cucumber, onions, tomatoes


roasted eggplant clip w/ tahini, lemon, garlic

extra flat bread

8″ flat-bread made fresh by our friends at phoenicia bakery

add skirt steak

6oz. of halal-blessed skirt steak

add beef & lamb

our flavorful 80% beef + 20% lamb mix

add grass-fed lamb

5oz. of 100% grass-fed texas lamb

add chicken

5oz. of 100% natural texas thingh meat

add halal chicken

5oz. of char-grilled halal-blessed chicken

add falafel ball

add saffron rice

a large scoop of our saffron-infused jasmine rice

feta cheese

available as crumbled-feta or feisty-feta

fries inside kebab

a sprinkle of crispy french fries on your kebab

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